Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Being Your Current Best

You can’t go back in time. A close, loved one was a little down recently telling me how they did everything wrong and how certain things were their fault. Of course, they didn’t do everything wrong, but they definitely did some stuff wrong.

By focusing on those things, by focusing on the negative we lose sight of the positive. So we did a quick list, the end tally was 3 things wrong, 13 things right. Of course, we could have gone further with the positives but I think I made my point.

They tried to bring up that they did their best, but I quickly dismantled that argument. When we look back and live in the past too much we lose sight of the present. It’s a form of hiding from reality. While they were worried about doing their best 20 years ago, what about doing your best right now?

This person realized the truth, that they don’t want to do their best. It’s one thing if you don’t know and you’re oblivious. It’s another if you do know, and refuse to do anything about it, denial.

In order to become Who You Could Be (WYCB), you have to be WYCB every day. Choosing the higher of the two roads, helping the person in need, not enabling someone else, reading the book, doing the things. We all have different things that we know we should be doing.