Sunday, March 17, 2019

Consumption vs. Construction

Whether you like it or not, what you do today will shape tomorrow and with that, the rest of your life. If you decided to cut your arm off today, that would be it, for the rest of your life, you’d no longer have that arm. Now, let’s not be so dramatic. What about exercise, eating better, drinking less? Fine, even less dramatic, what about calling a loved one just to hear their voice? Okay, still less, what about flossing? Still? One deep breath.

What you do today determines what you will be able to do tomorrow. It starts with the first step, in this case, the first breath. Maybe you can’t meditate for one minute, but you can meditate for one breath. Maybe you can’t call a loved one, but you can send a text. Maybe you can’t change your diet overnight, but you can throw away that last bite of cake. We do as much as we feel comfortable doing, then for some reason, call it our best.

Only you know what your best is today, if you do it, you’ll set yourself up for the best tomorrow and therefore, the rest of your life. We only have the moment right in front of us, act accordingly.