Friday, March 29, 2019

Doing The Things

What if you did what you know you should be doing? For some people going to work, coming home, watching TV until bedtime during the week is fine. Going out on weekends, spending time and money on leisure is what they enjoy. Wonderful.

Too often I come off sounding judgmental and arrogant. I’m aware and working on it, but I get it.

First of all, we all go through phases, I loved through that and I wouldn’t want to take it away from anyone either. Having fun is fun. If anyone wants to rain on your parade, don’t let them. Even while you’re doing this you can still be doing the things to become somewhat of a better person.

The average daily commute is 52 minutes, about four hours a week. Even the longest audiobook I’ve listened to recently was only 23 hours, thanks Jen Sincero! So at that rate, you can listen to 10 books a year. Will this solve all of your life’s problems? Yes. Okay, clearly it won’t, it may not even solve any, but that’s only if you don’t apply the knowledge.

You can lead a horse to water and you can give a person a book. You can’t make one drink and you can’t make the other think.

Even if time is the issue, a lot of stuff doesn’t require time but effort. Losing fat doesn’t take any extra time, it takes the will to say, no more booze, sugar, or junk food. If you change your mental model then it won’t even take that much will power. Who you tell yourself you are is who you end up being.