Thursday, March 14, 2019

Why A Blog?

It's good to share what we've learned with the world and this is a way to do it. I want people to better themselves and live easier, more meaningful lives. If we all better ourselves,  we'd live in a better world. I've enjoyed reading personal development books since I found out about them in my late teens. I still regularly recommend Tim Ferriss's, The Four Hour Work Week and Robert Kiyosaki's, Rich Dad Poor Dad. I want to share these things and the things I continue to learn because it will help people. Not every person, but some.

I'm working on many things right now such as writing, researching, political activism and plan to do a lot more. This is a great way for me to document what's going on and share what I learn and create.

I plan on continuing to write One Day Books, these are eBooks that let you make the change promised on the cover in a day. I also have other books that I will eventually get to. Of all of the books I've read, I usually wish they'd have more focus, applicable knowledge and not be so long or repetitive. I want to deliver actionable exercises for meaningful problems. I will be uploading my books to this website as I learn how to publish them digitally and they'll be free. Amazon won't let me post books for free, so on their site, they'll be priced as low as they allow. There will be no paper books available. I can't justify killing trees or using energy to deliver something that can be read digitally. I will also make them available in audio format as well, as soon as I can.

I will be making a new podcast, The Arturo GT Show, to share and provoke thoughts. People can't usually read on the go, so having information available in an audio format is convenient and helpful. They'll be eight minutes so that you can play it at 1.5x speed and be done in five minutes. A lot of podcasts I listen to are much longer, but in a pinch, I always look for the 5-10 minute podcast to get some quick knowledge in. I'll aim for one episode per week but they may come out a little more or less frequently depending on life and inspiration, I only want to release quality material.

As far as blog posts, I'll post here when I have something good to share, I don't want to promise daily or even weekly, but we'll see how it goes it might end up being daily but I promise it won't ever be more than one post per day.

My purpose in life is to make mine and the lives of others, easier. I'll expand more on this in a blog post, but after much reflection, I think that's it.

Feel free to Donate or share my work with people. I'm a strong believer in making knowledge as free as possible so that it can spread easily. If you get any value, inspiration, wisdom or motivation out of what I share then please contribute what you can, it all helps. Sharing is also great, the more people being productive, happy and healthy, the better the world will be.

-Arturo Gómez Tagle