Saturday, April 20, 2019

Identity Shift

Humans hate being hypocrites, at least I know I do. I will shift my identity to combat this issue. My plan is to keep putting out positive words and personal declarations because if I do that, I’ll likely do those things.

When people say that they don’t want to eat junk food anymore that’s one thing. When they say “I don’t eat junk food anymore,” that’s something else entirely. An identity shift has likely taken place. One is a want and the other a declaration of self. We always like to uphold the idea of who we say we are, therefore, not hypocrites. This is, at least in part, our identity. It’s why runners run; because they’re runners. Vegans, don’t eat or use animal products. It’s who they are.

When you determine who you want to be, own it, and be it, as if it were a matter of fact.