Thursday, April 25, 2019

Live Within Your Needs

Needs. Not means. Repeated for emphasis, needs, not means.
How could one be financially ruined if they did this? We let desire run our lives. I’m guilty. Not perfect of this principle but pursuing it nonetheless. What for? Salvation.

Every product we buy has a cost, what have I bought since the beginning of this year? A pack of socks, a grey coat from Goodwill and one Grey T-shirt.

Consumerism and materialism are some of the driving forces in our economy. What happens when your creditor says no more? When the facade is revealed most of us will suffer for our greed. It happened in 2008 and in 2000, it will happen again.

Maybe it’s inevitable, maybe it’s by design. But I know this, it’s all of our fault. We stand by while others dig their own plots, all the while doing the same and justifying our actions by saying it could be worse. It could be better, your choice.