Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Earphones Out

Be open to life happening. Available. When we close ourselves off to the world we miss more opportunities than we could ever know. An acquaintance got a limo ride for the price of a rideshare because he was available to the world. Usually, he’d have his earphones in, secluding himself from others while being exposed to them. Now when he’s out in public, he’s aware.

I don’t remember exactly how the story went but it involved him dropping off his rental, leaving and on the way out he struck up a conversation with a man next to a limo. The guy said, “How about a limo ride to wherever you’re going?” If he had his earphones in, he’d have walked right past the man. Instead, he got to ride in a limo and feel like a celebrity for $20. 

Keep yourself open, you never know when opportunity will reveal itself.