Thursday, May 9, 2019


Life’s a gamble. That’s pretty dramatic, but most of us have said it once or twice. I stopped gambling with money a long time ago, over six years. I was up, I quit while I was ahead and have never given the house back their money. But I haven’t stopped gambling.

Some people say walking across the street is gambling, I've gone further. Gambling recklessly is what I mean. Speeding, running red lights, going out to places I shouldn’t be at, driving drunk, etc. I’ve gambled with my life enough to say, that for at least today, I’m not gambling recklessly with it anymore.

That leads me to my last gamble, time.

Whatever you’re doing, you’re essentially gambling with outcomes. You can increase your probability but for the big things, there’s some luck involved. My job is to put myself in the best position possible, so when luck shows up my preparation will allow me to capitalize.

Whatever the game, you owe it to yourself to get better at it. Your money, life, and youth depend on it.