Monday, May 6, 2019

Mental Peace

We sometimes fill our minds with noise because we don’t want to hear the negative voice(s). Maybe we’re stressed over relationships, finances or our current situation.

Why can’t we sit still and think our own thoughts anymore?

I remember driving in silence, no music, just my thoughts. Planning and processing.

You can only have one voice in your head at a time, that’s why when people talk over each other nothing registers. 

Music is not as bad as TV, but if we let it, as I used to let it, it will take your youthful brain and keep it preoccupied. Don’t think of your opportunities, put your favorite song on instead. It’s the weekend, just enjoy it, no need to think. You can’t live a life without music, take a listen.

Those who refuse to change are doomed to live the same. Be the person you could be, one choice at a time.