Friday, June 14, 2019

Daily Dailies

What we do daily will determine what we do daily.

Your habits and mine will create the life that we’ve worked for. Things will happen to help and to hurt our pursuits, undoubtedly, but these will largely lean in the direction we’re leaning. The smartest workers, the easiest workers, tend to have the ability to continue working smart and easy.

It’s not how they got there that seems to escape us, but how they started. We see these people and say things like, “I can’t do that” well Henry Ford, the prolific employer, would have replied, “You’re right.” Self-belief isn’t enough though, what we need is action. Even a tiny, minuscule, small step in the right direction, that over time will lead to the same success we once thought improbable. In fact, I’d argue belief isn’t even necessary, just the right actions. When procrastination starts to creep in, I remind myself, to just do the work, hit my daily goal and move on to the next thing.