Monday, June 3, 2019

Mr. Excuses

Who is that voice that always has an excuse or justification? Or always has to say, “Well not always,” “what if something bad happens?”, “you can work out every day and still get cancer,” or my least favorite, “what if a bus hits you?”

Don’t listen to Mr., Ms. or even Mrs. Excuses. They’re full of crap. They want to keep you hiding, keep you from achieving what you can achieve. Why? I don’t know fully. Partly because the known is comfortable and safe. Our brains haven’t evolved for this level of judgment. They think if we get rejected by the group we’ll be outcasted and killed. When really, that’s when we get to live.

We get to live when we feel emotions. Self-doubt creeps in and sadness seeps out. “Nobody liked my post on social media, how sad.” You want to know what’s sadder? Not posting it in the first place. I’d rather be vulnerable than silent. When Señor Excuses knocks, don’t answer. Keep making progress and if that bus comes at least you’ll know that you’ve been living instead of hiding.