Saturday, June 8, 2019

Trust in Business

Trust is crucial in any producer and consumer relationship. If people are looking for something in particular and the reviews are good, they’ll buy it. They don’t care how much passion, love or enthusiasm went into building it. All they know is they have a want or need and you have the solution. Do you have to do this forever? No. Actually, you don’t even have to do this at all. Sometimes people will just give something a shot and it works out.

How many people start building a business before testing it out, before talking to their audience? A lot. When they finish building it, nobody comes and they get discouraged. Well, if you’re doing something for someone, shouldn’t you ask if they want it in the first place? Maybe they’ll say “I just want it faster or cheaper,” great, work from that and go backward. If it was better would they be fine paying the same price? If it was a little slower would the be okay with paying less? Or maybe, they just want something because it makes them feel a certain way, figure out what that feeling is and make something that gives them that feeling.

Most importantly though, will they buy? If you put people in a hypothetical situation they’ll often answer in the way you want them to. Supporting and confirming your bias. But if you ask them to open their wallet and buy something, the story changes. Look for the truth in action, not words. The truth is a transaction.