Tuesday, June 11, 2019

What Do You Do?

I don’t ask people the question of “What do you do?” I ask, “what are you working on?” Half the time they look like they’ve just been asked to calculate the trajectory of a comet two light years away. Fast blinking usually means they’re thinking. I get a what do you mean. I repeat the question because it’s very clear, “What are you working on?” The other half reaping with the question, “Like where do I work?” The conversation goes many ways after this, but where it doesn’t go is to a boring place with no emotional effort. I think that’s better.

The best answer I can think of do my question, “What are you working on?” is, “Myself.” What a good answer. Then I ask how and we have a great conversation. Yesterday, I said “What have you built recently? at least get them in the mind frame of building things. If we don’t think about building something, do you think that it will ever happen by accident?