Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Wish Them Well

There will be people that annoy you. People that lie to you. People that will affect your mood in a negative way. Wish them well.

Recently, I began a practice of prayer, not to a god, but to the Force of Goodness and it’s the darndest thing. There are people in my life that do things which bring me great annoyance or confusion. These aren’t attacks or on purpose, but like my dad refusing to change his diet or exercise. It hurts me to see him act so nonchalant about his health. I’ve discussed the science and shared information but nothing has worked. It got to a point where it would physically pain me to see him eating junk food or drinking soda. I knew I was the one that had to change.

I started praying for his happiness in the morning. The first day, my annoyance and pain went down. The second day, same thing. He drinks a soda every day by the way, which is 30 pounds of sugar a year but that’s neither here nor there. After a week, almost all pain and annoyance is gone. I understand that I can’t change his behavior, I’ve made peace with that, but by going further and actually wishing him well, it has released something, I don’t know what, but it feels great.