Saturday, June 15, 2019

Write it Down

Ideas always strike, sometimes at the most inconvenient times. I try to write them down as soon as they come to me. But sometimes I don’t. Then the idea comes back to me, and I mull it over some more. This is why I think it’s important because I don’t want to spend time thinking about the same things. That’s wasting time. When I write it down, it’s out of my system and if anything comes up, well it’s probably in addition to previous my thoughts.

I also find that starting the writing process on an idea unlocks previously hidden thoughts on the subject matter.

When ideas start flowing, other ideas follow. When was the last time you had a good brainstorm? I haven’t used that word in probably 10 years. Well, good thing I started writing on this topic I guess. Pursue your goals, but before you can do that, you have to remember your ideas, when they come, bet on a record, not your memory.