Saturday, August 31, 2019

Doing Your Best

Means you can’t be doing any better. I hope doing my best will happen someday in things that matter. I think of my workouts, I know I can do another set or another rep, but is that actually better? I know what I’m doing is working, the weight I’m pulling or pushing keeps increasing and my reps do too. But what’s the goal?

Best is possible, but best could mean death. If I kept going and going and going, eventually rhabdomyolysis can set in and without treatment, lead to kidney failure and then death. I think I’ll stick to the 3 near failure sets of 8 or so exercises, every other day for the time being. Is it my “best”? No. Am I getting stronger and healthier? Yes.

Think about your actions in regards to the important stuff, physical health, emotional well being, family, relationships, and finances. Can you do better?