Monday, August 26, 2019


If someone’s successful and they say they’re lucky, listen to them. Their humility will lead you down a better path than anyone claiming that they’re self made. 

“Luck is when preparation meets opportunity,” maybe, or you’re born into money. I don’t like the way people discount luck. If you’re reading this, you’re luckier than those who won’t. 

How do you capitalize on luck? Guts. 

When that opportunity comes, even if you’re not prepared, if you feel like you can make it happen, do so. My brother and I had no business getting a $519k loan back in 2010, but we did, and we sold the house and it worked out well. I’m not saying bet the house on black or red, I’m saying bet on yourself. As long as you can live with the worst case scenario more than you can with the idea of not going for it, go for it.