Saturday, September 28, 2019

Listen to Your Emotions

I know there are people that say something like, “if you change your feelings the the world changes.” What if you can’t change your feelings? 

Maybe, just maybe, that’s when we need to listen to our emotions the most. 

Recently a family member was getting on my nerves.  I tried to change my thoughts, I meditated, journaled, claimed to accept it, I even prayed. You name it, I tried. I even asked the person doing what annoyed me to stop. They didn’t. 

Emotions can be a great tool to determine your next action. Instead of disregarding them, maybe it’s sometimes best to use those emotions as a call to action. 

My solution was to get out of the situation. Physically. As soon as the flight was booked, I felt relief. No, I’m not a perfect stoic, a part of me hopes to never be. I like having an internal gauge that helps me move through life. So far at least, it has worked out pretty well.