Sunday, September 15, 2019

Media Bias

The media we consume, whether it be personal media like facebook posts or corporate media like news shows will have a bias. Even if it’s as benign as the creator wanting us to feel a certain way about them, it’s there. 

When we see expensive to produce media, we have to think, “What are they trying to get out of it?” More than likely, it’s money, but it’s not a direct transaction so they need to get sponsors or push an agenda that enriches the owners. These sponsors want more viewers. Corporate media does their best to cover and create controversy so that we tune in. Especially if that controversy lines their pockets by making us purchase things or fund certain industries. 

War gets people tuning in, so what do you think corporate media wants? More or less of it? What about the fact that the people that own media companies also have large stakes in weapons companies? 

Maybe we shouldn’t believe every narrative, from either side. Maybe if we follow the money a much darker truth will emerge.