Sunday, September 1, 2019

Weight Problems

This is for people struggling with their weight or even worse, have given up on it all together. I want you to write three pages.

One page on why you think it’s okay to keep junk food in your life. 

One page on why you are okay with leading by poor example. 

One page on why you’re okay with cutting your life short and the toll that will take on those that love you. 

I don’t know how to go up to a stranger and ask if they need help. But I can broadcast it. Reach out, if not to me to someone that loves you. Get the help you need. 

It’s not that I’m down almost 40 pounds since last December, it’s that nobody ever said, “Hey, I love you enough to say your weight and activity levels aren’t healthy. Do something about it.”

More important or at least just as is your activity level. Even if you’re bigger than you want to be, starting exercise, 3-4 hours a week is infinitely better than nothing.