Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Narcos Maintain Inequality

If you want to welcome Latin countries into the first world, legalize one of their biggest and most impactful export, narcotics. 

If you’d rather these countries be run by narco-terrorists then do nothing. Babies are murdered. Women are kidnapped, raped, and murdered. Men are tortured and murdered. All so a group of people can maintain control of the drug trade. If US politicians wanted to do something they would have. Is it fair to say they prefer these atrocities? They aren’t doing anything about them, so by default they’re supporting them. Or is that unfair? Maybe they think legalizing narcotics isn’t the solution. Well, what we’re currently doing seems to be making the problem worse. 

Either we do something differently, or admit the truth and take responsibility for our actions or lack thereof. We also must admit that the United States is on the Narco-Terrorist’s side. Because if we were not on their side, we’d do something about it.