Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Cages vs. Apartments

There’s a problem with apartment housed drug use. Not always, but from what I’ve seen, a disturbance is almost guaranteed. The smell of burning cannabis is not always welcome, I get it. BBQ smoking? Yes please. Chimichurri simmering to the point doors and windows need to be opened? Even they know it's a pass. Broken meth pipes in the same parking lot where the kids play, prison. So here’s my stance, if someone is keeping to themselves, let them be. But when it’s 3 am and people want to sleep, and an apartment neighbor is vacuuming, we have a problem. Now, if you own your home, or at least can’t be heard by others, and the lights are still on in your living room at 3 am, party on player. We need not incarcerate IF there truly is no victim.