Saturday, January 16, 2021

Politicking vs. Not

I don’t think I can live an unpolitical life. Politics is the business of policing others. We have undoubtedly gone too far in some areas and not nearly far enough in others. Priority #1 - Freedom. We need to free the unjustly imprisoned. We need to stop policing people that aren't harming others. I believe it's time we change our policies.

If a car is driving 10 miles above the speed limit in the fast lane it's illegal, there's no victim, and the driver gets a ticket! Another car is driving the speed limit but the driver loses focus for a couple seconds for whatever reason and slams into the car in front of him causing tens of thousands of dollars in property damage and bodily harm to the two passengers, this is not illegal, there are victims and no ticket! Where is the logic?

I don't think this is the best argument, but I hope it makes some sense. Because what we're doing right now across this nation and the world, isn't making much sense to me and it's time to act. From running red lights to regulating Sugar, things need doing and people need freeing. It's obvious our elected officials don't do what we want.

I have to be political because I wasn’t raised to be a pushover. I wasn’t raised to follow unjust orders. I was raised to fight for what's right. Arturo 2024.