Monday, February 15, 2021

Frozen Water Bottles

Have you ever stopped to ask a homeless or houseless person what they could use or have you assumed and acted without inquiry? I have. A recent life event has reshaped my stance on where my time should be going though. So, I asked a local what they needed but weren't getting, and was told trash bags, electricity (to charge phones), and the somewhat shocking request, frozen water bottles (for their coolers). The only ice available to them at local stores is expensive and melts quickly. After melting, that overpriced ice is just dirty water. So the frozen water bottles are actually a multi use solution to a reasonable set of problems, food preservation and hydration. Please consider freezing some water bottles and giving them out. Even better, ask first. It seems like they're full up on food and blankets, yet that seems to be where a lot of people's creativity stops. Do what you can, stay blessed.